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Hi, my name is Trevor Murdie, I have been a builder for 35 years and consider myself to be very fussy when it comes to competence and detail. I met Anthony from Stoppard Roofing because I hunted him down basically.

I was building what was to be the last home for my wife and me, the place we would spend the rest of our days so I needed it to be 100% right.

I watched Anthony's boys installing a roof across the road from a job I was doing in Bombay and was so impressed with the way they were going about it and their attention to detail, I needed to get them to install the roof on my dream home.

My association with Anthony and his staff (I met 6 of them) from initial contact until beyond completion was simply awesome. The quotation was prompt, thorough and I believe very competitive, Anthony was very honest and straight forward in our communications prior to the roofing work commencing, I knew exactly what was going on and when, so my job of planning around his work was made so much easier.

Stoppard Roofing have done an outstanding job on my roof and I am a truly satisfied customer.

In the future Anthony will be my first point of contact for any long run roofing requirements I may have, and I will definitely, be referring him to others.

Many, thanks
Trevor Murdie